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Untitled Mistress Dispeller Project

  • Elizabeth Lo, Director
  • Emma D. Miller, Producer
  • Elizabeth Lo, Producer
  • Maggie Li, Producer

A Chinese woman with dark hair and a sequined blue jacket with a fur collar sits at a white marble table and speaks into her cell phone. Another cell phone rests on the table by her elbow. There is a brown curtain and wooden bookshelf behind her.

About the Project

Wang Zhenxi works as a “mistress dispeller” in China, hired to maintain the bounds of marriage — and break up affairs — by any means necessary. UNTITLED MISTRESS DISPELLER PROJECT follows Ms. Wang and her lovelorn clients, shifting our sympathies among husband, wife, and mistress while offering intimate access to private lives usually hidden behind closed doors. The film offers a universal story of love, heartbreak, and the search for connection, as well as an exploration of the ways class, capital, and cultural norms shape romantic relationships in contemporary China.