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  • Marco La Villa, Director/Producer
  • Mauro La Villa, Director/Producer

About the Project

Vaccaro By La Villa is a feature documentary directed by acclaimed filmmakers Marco and Mauro La Villa, investigating the mystery that uncovers the extraordinary life of 100-year-old iconic photographer, Tony Vaccaro. The film depicts Vaccaro's journey from when he was an orphan, moved back to Italy and subjected to abuse at the hands of his violent uncle Onofrio. After having plotted his escape back to the United States, Tony discovered his passion for photography and athletics as a teenager, only to be thrust into the horrors of WWII just weeks after graduating High School, where he fought on the front lines and simultaneously captured humanity's darkest moments on film.

Marco and Mauro La Villa, tell the Tony Vaccaro story by stepping into his shoes. As they get to know the charismatic centenarian they remake a selection of his photos, immersing themselves deep into the mind of the artist.