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  • Alexanderra C Totz, Director
  • Brown and Gray Productions, Producer
  • LLC, Producer

Two White men in sunglasses, one with a shirt off, stand before a green field outside on a sunny day.

About the Project

This film will revisit a powerfully formative event in my life: being bullied daily in a high school classroom nearly 4 decades ago.

That one experience, where a sick teacher used his power to promote division and hate and who ultimately perpetrated bullying and harassment, will be unpacked to reveal its lasting legacy.

The completed film will use my trauma as a starting point from which to explore the long-term effects of bullying scientifically, socially, and culturally. My unique experience will be augmented and amplified through the first-person stories of other former students from that class, as well as others who were bystanders to the events that unfolded.

More information can be found at this project's Kickstarter page,