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Woodstock: 100 Years of the Arts

Stephen Blauweiss
Stephen Blauweiss, Karen Berelowitz

While many are familiar with Woodstock, New York's musical history, Woodstock: 100 Years of the Arts presents the first comprehensive documentary solely focused on the town's artistic and cultural history that resulted from the institutions and artists that came together in the twentieth century, profoundly impacting American art, culture, literature, theater, and music. The liberal thinkers and craftspeople who first ventured into this quiet village in 1902 laid the foundation for what was to become one of the country's most vibrant and eclectic communities.

Woodstock: 100 Years of the Arts brings together past and present by delving into the lesser-known history of eight institutions, still active today, and ten artists, through interviews with a wide spectrum of humanities experts, local professionals, and artists. They will bring Woodstock's story to life against a rich visual backdrop of archival photographs, historic artifacts, letters, documents, rare film footage, and works by the artists featured in the film.

The projected release date coincides with the following upcoming milestones:

- 50th anniversary of the Woodstock School of Art in 2018- 80th anniversary of the Woodstock Playhouse in 2018- 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival in 2019