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September 16, 2016

IDA Conversation Series: Werner Herzog

Legendary director Werner Herzog is recognized worldwide as one of the most imaginative and adventurous storytellers working in fiction and nonfiction cinema. Over the course of five decades in filmmaking, he has followed his affinity for the absurd, the mystical, and the heroic to some of the most remote places on earth, including Antarctica, the Peruvian rainforest, the Himalayas, and wartime Kuwait. Werner's behind-the-scenes stories are no less enthralling than his films: this is a man who once ate his own shoe to settle a bet; another time, after being shot by an air rifle on live TV, he insisted on continuing the interview.

His documentaries include Grizzly ManLessons of DarknessEncounters at the End of the World, the 3-D experience Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and the illuminating new Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, which explores humanity's mystical relationship to the internet.