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Werner Herzog

Mia Stewart’s upcoming 15-plus-years-in-the-making documentary, Searching for Onoda, deflates the heroic myth of Japanese holdout soldier Hiroo Onoda and tells the other side of the story. Both Arthur Harari’s 2021 Cannes-premiering narrative feature, 'Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle,' and Werner Herzog's debut 2022 novel, 'The Twilight World,' perpetuate the old myth.
Over the span of a few weeks, Werner Herzog will have had three films released. There is the world premiere of a feature film at Cannes, Family
In 2010, a charismatic, Minnesota-based Iraq War veteran named David Crowley began work on his debut film project, a paranoid action film about a
Legendary director Werner Herzog is recognized worldwide as one of the most imaginative and adventurous storytellers working in fiction and nonfiction
Werner Herzog: Interviews Edited by Eric Ames from the Conversations with Filmmakers Series, edited by Gerald Peary Published by University Press of
To school myself in documentary filmmaking after a career in journalism, I gave myself a daily assignment, which I held to faithfully for nearly two
Werner Herzog knows when he's found the right subject for a film. But don't ask him to explain; he just knows, that's all. And he instantly knew he
'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' opens April 29 through IFC Films.
Join Cinefamily April 1-3, April 8 for The Ecstatic Truths of Werner Herzog: Documentaries, 1971-1992
Despite growing up in Germany, I only discovered Werner Herzog relatively late. While I was aware of his work from early on, Lessons of Darkness was