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It's tempting to give the short film short shrift. Is less less? Is less more? Or is less the same? Various mechanisms allow the short to transcend
Following a brief test run in the 1990s, virtual reality has rapidly taken hold over the past few years as a potent tool for exploring the
No other relationship is more central to the success of your project than the one with your cinematographer; yet, the skills, tools, and insights of
The Roxie Cinema sits in the heart of San Francisco's hip/grungy Mission District, footsteps away from trendy pubs, the city's best burrito (the real
It's time to take Understanding Media (1964) and The Medium Is the Message (1967) off the shelf and reread them. If you haven't delved into Marshall
Documentary filmmakers have been blowing smoke—figuratively and sometimes literally—right from the beginning. For their 1898 re-creation of the Battle
Filmmakers, editors, and graphics designers gather to discuss why utilizing graphics can be an important component in telling your story.
Senior Programmer at the Sundance Film Festival Caroline Libresco moderates a discussion with filmmakers Ondi Timoner & Marina Zenovich about the strong impact of visual imagery in documentary film.
Docs on Andy Warhol, Jack Smith and Matthew Barney