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Forget the simplicity that was the information age. Cable companies have fully moved into the multi-platform era, blending retail products, print
What do recent commercials for Secret, Budweiser and Dove have in common? All have been directed by award-winning documentarians. Nonfiction Spots
One can choose from a myriad of entertainment experiences these days, ranging from online computer games to outdoor theme parks. But with all this
Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary, PomWonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, opens April 22 through Sony Pictures Classics. Like his
So you've finally finished your documentary film and authored a DVD (or a Blu-ray; for the purposes of this article, I will use DVD). Whether or not
A review of 'The American Bar Association Legal Guide to Independent Filmmaking'
Nonfiction Summit Explores What's Next in programming.
You are about to pitch your concept or completed documentary to a channel. But what do they pay? If your "ask" is off the map, you look unprofessional
Fall is always a busy festival time for those of us in the business of buying, selling, making and funding documentary films. Choosing where to go can
As we poise gingerly on the precipice of another year, we tend to look back longingly, one last time, at the year that brought us here. Fortunately