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Veteran documentarian DA Pennebaker is fond of drawing analogies between film and video. In the 1930s, he recalls, filmmakers told their stories with
Fangs, claws, dripping blood and sex scenes...No, it's not a drive-in monster movie from the '50s; it's probably a PBS wildlife special, the kind of
"It is important to make the primary distinction between a method which describes only the surface values of a subject, and the method which more
This spring, two new documentaries bring to large format screens some of the most remarkable underwater images ever captured. On February 14, IMAX
At this year's DOCtober, 19 of the 21 films screened were shot on Digital Video (DV) and blown up to film. At the recent AFI Fest, 11 of the 12 docs
You dream of a unique opening shot for your documentary—say, an elephant giving birth in a safari park. Initially it sounds great, but then reality
If someone were to hold a competition to create the most difficult motion picture format for capturing wildlife behavior, it is hard to imagine a more
For some documentary filmmakers, the words “motion control” conjure up vague images. A more sophisticated way of shooting stills, perhaps; something
Like most filmmakers, Thomas Repp, BVK, has heard the rhetoric comparing the pros and cons of originating on film and the new HD 24P video system. In
After some 35 years of filming exotic wildlife in remote corners of planet Earth, Wolfgang Bayer has turned the camera on himself. He is producing