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'56 UP' opens in theaters January 4 through First Run Features.
Editor’s Note: The following is a translation of Kristal Sotomayor’s article from the Summer 2020 issue, about the Puerto Rican documentary community
It was meant to be a few days of filming for a 1964 television program for Britain’s ITV that would look at who the future leaders of the year 2000
The Villages, which bills itself as “Florida’s friendliest hometown,” has made news in recent years not for its supposed status as an adult retirement
Read in Spanish Part 1: La Isla Before Maria “Puerto Rico is a small island in a political limbo,” describes Karen Rossi, documentary filmmaker and
Dayton, Ohio, is known as the birthplace of Orville Wright, and is also home to the National Museum of the US Airforce. Besides aviation, it is also a
Margaret Byrne's Raising Bertie (executive produced by J. Cole) is an intimate, six-year journey into the lives of three young, African-American men
From Black Harvest By Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan We do many different types of projects and don't think of ourselves as having a single
"Surfwise" Profiles a Maverick Family