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Lance Oppenheim has had a productive year. His new feature Spermworld hit Hulu at the end of March, and now his three-part docuseries Ren Faire is
How To With John Wilson is an 18-part series of comedic documentary essays framed as tutorials. In each episode, filmmaker John Wilson poses a question that is also the episode title, like How To Make Small Talk or How To Throw Out Your Batteries. The questions are very rarely answered directly, instead offering a free-associative portal into both Wilson’s life and those of the people he meets.
Victoria is a town in Southern Texas, thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico, with a population of roughly 70,000. Victoria’s thriving Muslim community
Documentary is happy to debut an exclusive clip from Li Lu’s documentary series A Town Called Victoria , which will debut on Independent Lens as a co
It was meant to be a few days of filming for a 1964 television program for Britain’s ITV that would look at who the future leaders of the year 2000
And She Could Be Next, directed by Grace Lee and Marjan Safinia, is a two-part docuseries that follows the campaigns of six women of color running for
Apple TV+ recently premiered Home, a new docuseries about nine of the world’s most innovative abodes. The series was set to debut at SXSW in March
Americans are planning their exit strategy from weeks of coronavirus hibernation, but there's still a compelling reason to stay home on the evenings
I’ve been thinking a lot about what a unique, strange and unpredictable thing the web series space is, and how working in it after a decade of working
It is an extraordinary time in the expansion of documentary filmmaking when narrative nonfiction programming has reached rock-star status. It seems