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Follow the funding life-cycle for American Winter, including the filmmakers' success with grant funding, crowd funding, and family foundations.
Here is our all-inclusive crowdfunding tool kit to better help you navigate the maze of this rapidly growing fundraising strategy.
In the 1980s, with a global communications revolution raging in the cable television industry, everyone was keeping his or her eye on the year 1984
You have an idea for a great documentary. You've done your preliminary research and are almost ready to get going. But you still need funds to start
Just a few years ago, a Kickstarter campaign was a strange, exotic scheme. However, with traditional funding streams drying up, doc filmmakers began
The struggle behind re-releasing 'Eyes on the Prize.'
It might be tempting to think that if you write a check to a grant writer you can check out of the process and focus on making your film while the
Anyone who makes documentary films is aware of the idea that the social issue documentary is "the new black." Nearly every call for grant proposals
Editor's Note: The Sundance Institute Documentary Film Programs and Fund is the receipient of the IDA Pioneer Award; this article appeared in the
How do documentary filmmakers impact their audiences and create social change with their films? Working Films and the BRITDOC Foundation are two