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Every once in a while we'll be highlighting one of the good questions we get here in the fiscal sponsorship department that we think might be useful
When cities recover from hard financial times, creative souls are often pushed to the peripheries. It should come as no surprise that the young
Even when the economy is robust, documentary funding is hard to come by. So, during these tough times, when a major research nonprofit organization
Take a look inside our recent event at The Standard Hotel Downtown.
From Katrina Browne's Traces of the Trade , which was made as part of the WGBH Filmmakers-in-Residence Program. Photo: Amishadai Sackitey The
Producing documentaries, which have become much more popular and visible on TV, DVD and in theaters in recent years, has never been an undertaking for
A review of the third edition of Morrie Warshawski's 'Shaking the Money Tree.'
Courtesy of San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau The San Francisco Bay Area has long been known as the mecca for documentary filmmaking. Ever
Fiscal Sponsorship programs at nonprofit organizations.
I am frequently asked by students and emerging filmmakers about how to fund their first documentary work, and it is evident that there is a disconnect