Even when the economy is robust, documentary funding is hard to come by. So, during these tough times, when a major research nonprofit organization
Take a look inside our recent event at The Standard Hotel Downtown.
From Katrina Browne's Traces of the Trade, which was made as part of the WGBH Filmmakers-in-Residence Program. Photo: Amishadai SackiteyThe
Producing documentaries, which have become much more popular and visible on TV, DVD and in theaters in recent years, has never been an undertaking for
A review of the third edition of Morrie Warshawski's 'Shaking the Money Tree.'
Courtesy of San Francisco Convention & Visitors BureauThe San Francisco Bay Area has long been known as the mecca for documentary filmmaking. Ever
Fiscal Sponsorship programs at nonprofit organizations.
I am frequently asked by students and emerging filmmakers about how to fund their first documentary work, and it is evident that there is a disconnect
In 1991, Doug Block directed The Heck with Hollywood, a documentary that follows the tumultuous journey of three independent filmmakers trying to
Money's been called the lifeblood of politics, and it's clearly a vital ingredient that also brings documentaries to life. No matter how brilliant