Tech Gear

November 3, 2019
Back in high school I had a psychology teacher who was known for opening up students’ backpacks and slowly removing ALL the contents out onto one’s
July 24, 2019
Sometimes I feel like I never unpack. As a documentary cinematographer, I’m so grateful for all of my travels and am humbled by the incredible
October 12, 2018
I work as both a cinematographer and a director/cinematographer; I find the latter to be especially challenging. I need to be able to have the tools
August 30, 2018
Don't let these photos of gear fool you. Over the course of my nearly three-decade-long career, I have almost never brought the same gear on a shoot
August 24, 2017
Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new column, "Inside Out," in which we ask filmmakers in the field—and in the edit room—What are your essentials tools