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Comedy Videos Spoof Werner Herzog

By IDA Editorial Staff

Ready for the lighter side of Werner Herzog?

Eh, it's not a side we see much of the Academy Award-nominated German film director, screenwriter, actor--and IDA Career Achievement Award winner. Unless, well, it's totally fake.

Like with the handful of videos popping up on the Funny or Die comedy website.

Get cooking with the Grizzly Man director himself with a two-parter that purports that "in an effort to fund his award-winning films, warrior/poet Werner Herzog agreed to host an American domestic TV show. It has never aired...until now. Obsessive filmmaker Werner Herzog takes us on a quest to the jungle in search of the perfect ingredient...and he may not make it back alive. With guest star Jim Jarmusch."


Not enough? How about Herzog's alleged encounter with auto mechanics that folds in some real-life stuff for a hilarious spoof. In this one, "the mythical German filmmaker dodges snipers' gunfire and saves a celebrity's life, all in a quest for the ecstatic truth of the automobile. With guest stars Joaquin Phoenix and Klaus Kinski."