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IDA Celebrates its Volunteers

By Mitch Kampf

IDA Volunteers at Iron Triangle Brewery for Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Amidst an exceptionally (though necessary) rainy winter season in Los Angeles, IDA staff were thrilled to host another Volunteer Appreciation Night at the Iron Triangle Brewery in the Downtown Arts District for a night of food, drinks, games, and camaraderie with longtime and new volunteers.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization and that is especially true with the IDA. Events like Getting Real, the IDA Screening Series and the IDA Documentary Awards rely heavily on our 150+ active volunteers to make sure our events run efficiently and smoothly. Our IDA volunteers are often the people greeting and assisting IDA guests and members at our events, and their enthusiasm is what truly makes a memorable experience for all involved.

John Taylor, a volunteer celebrating his fifth year of volunteering with IDA (and third DocuDay LA this year) recalled meeting Rashida Jones for a second time at this year’s IDA Screening Series presentation of Quincy. “You know, I had met Rashida before, back in 2011 volunteering at the Palm Springs Film Festival; she didn’t remember me.” John laughed, “but honestly, in IDA I found a community.”

Lorenzo Carrano, a new IDA volunteer, noted, “I work in the music industry now, but I signed up to volunteer with IDA because I wanted to get involved in other creative communities.”

“Exactly” chimed in fellow volunteer Sharon Rosner from down the table, “Documentary people are tight-knit, like family.”

As the night continued, making its way from bites of “Shipwreck” fries to games of cornhole, the roots of community dug a little deeper. While some old friends debated their favorite films of the year, many volunteers met each other for the first time at last week’s event, proving the strength of a bond built on a shared love for nonfiction storytelling.

Volunteer John Taylor (right) catching up with IDA Events & Production Associate Niki Bhardwaj

Community has always been crucial to the documentary field. Many renowned documentaries are brought to completion thanks to the support of a community, and volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded professionals in the filmmaking industry.

Once again, a huge thank you to all of our volunteers. The IDA staff is incredibly grateful for your continued support. Your enthusiasm creates a welcoming community for all attending an IDA sponsored event. Remember to keep an eye out for future volunteer get-togethers.

Want to become an IDA volunteer? We’d love to have you join us for future events. Sign up here.