December 19, 2009

'Summer Pasture' Awarded 2009 IDA/Pare Lorentz Grant

The 2nd $25,000 IDA/Pare Lorentz
Finishing Fund grant was awarded to Summer Pasture, directed
by Lynn True and Nelson Walker. An intimate glimpse into the experiences
of a young Tibetan family struggling to reconcile their traditional
way of life with a rapidly modernizing world, Summer Pasture
was selected for the grant out of a total of 141 submissions. The film
was one of three finalists chosen by the selection committee. The two
other finalists were War Don Don directed by Rebecca Richman
Cohen and Journey From Zanskar directed by Frederick Marx.  

Upon hearing about the grant, director
Nelson Walker commented, "We have been working on Summer Pasture
for the past 2 1/2 years, from filming in the mountains of Tibet to
editing in a small basement office in Harlem. This project has been
a real process of discovery and as we enter this critical final phase,
we could not be more thrilled to have the support of the IDA-Pare Lorentz
Finishing Fund. It's truly an honor to know that our film will help
carry on the tradition of Pare Lorentz -- and thanks to the award we'll
be able to meet the challenges of post-production and make our film
the best it can be."

SUMMER PASTURE   Lynn True and Nelson Walker

Award finalist Journey From Zanskar
is the story of two Tibetan Buddhist monks who lead 17 poor children
across the Himalayas to provide them with an education, and finalist War Don Don chronicles the story of the trial of Issa Sesay, a rebel
commander of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), and a key player
in the peace process, who now stands accused of crimes against humanity. 


The IDA/Pare Lorentz $25,000 Finishing
Fund Grant is made possible by a generous grant from The New York Community