Getting Real 2020 Documentary Film Conference

What is a community hub?

The Getting Real Community Hubs will be available to attendees on all three days of the conference. We expect there to be 25-30 community hubs across Los Angeles. The size will vary; some will be homes hosting around 15 people, others will be community spaces hosting around 40. Each of these spaces/hosts will be vetted by the Getting Real team and will offer basic amenities (wi-fi, coffee, water, bathrooms). Using information gathered from the registration form, we will be hand-assigning registrants to their hub. At each space, we will aim to create an intergenerational cadre of people with distinct experiences but simpatico interests (aesthetically, politically). In the instance of a miscalculation in the assigning process, we will work with attendees to offer back-up options. At night, after the conversational programming has concluded, all in-person attendees in Los Angeles will be invited to reconvene as a large-group at a reception/party. With these hubs, we see a real opportunity to create new connections across communities, especially after coming out of years of isolation. 

Outside of Los Angeles, we will be working with grassroots organizations and universities to replicate the community hub experience in other cities around the world. If you’re located in one of these cities, you will be invited to experience the conference in a format nearly identical to the Virtual Together experience of the in-person attendees (the only difference being the hub assignments won’t be as hands-on/curated, and we won’t be organizing a large party at the end of the night in other cities). However, if you are not in one of the cities with a community hub, or if you do not feel safe/comfortable attending an in-person gathering, you will still be able to experience the conference through the same platform that all attendees will be using, and through Whatsapp groups that conference programmers will organize.


Catch up on what you missed

The IDA communications and editorial team covers many conference sessions in addition to videos and transcripts.

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