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IDA Grantees raising their hands at the IDA Grantee Reception during Getting Real '22 on September 29, 2022 at the Director's Guild of America, Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Urbanite Media LA.

The biennial Getting Real conference has been such a rich and rewarding well of ideas, issues and themes to draw from, as we continually rethink our editorial strategy—so that we are truly serving the documentary community with a robust palette of content from around the world. Getting Real has always spurred us to consider where we need to go deeper and further as a publication. With that, five of the articles we commissioned here complement the spirit of Getting Real, from different angles.


  • Getting Real ‘22’s programmers: (from left to right) Chris Boeckmann, Abby Sun, and Jonathan Ali.

    Getting Real '22: The Documentary Surround

    This year marks the fifth edition of Getting Real...
  • Anand Patwardhan, an Indian man with long white hair, seated atop a van that is moving through the street, is filming 'Jai Bhim Comrade' (2011). Courtesy of Anand Patwardhan. Photo: Priyanka Borpujari

    Anand Patwardhan Will Not Give Up Hope

    “For more than four decades,” his 2020 New York...
  • Participants at Filamu Za Kina Dada Uongozini, a film training & production workshop program for female filmmakers courtesy of Media Focus on Africa (MFA) in partnership with Docubox. Photo courtesy of Docubox.

    Kenya's Docubox Builds a Thriving Doc Community in East Africa

    The year 2020 was a pivotal one for Kenyan...
  • Two medical workers from Yung Chang’s ‘Wuhan Wuhan’ wear masks, bodysuits, and face shields with printed images of themselves on their chests in order to still be recognizable under all their safety wear. Courtesy of Stars Collective Films Entertainment Group Inc.

    As 'POV' Turns 35, Executive Producer Erika Dilday Speaks about the PBS Nonfiction Showcase

    POV , the longest-running showcase of independent...
  • Four women sit on stage in discussion at a panel on distribution at DOC NYC 2021. Courtesy of DOC NYC.

    Determining Another Definition: Towards a Subversive, Transparent Distribution System

    “Right now the system—that's the sad part of this...