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By Marissa Woods and Patricia Aufderheide The need for journalism about documentary filmmaking has never been greater. But this work is underfunded
(Note: Portions of this writing are excerpted directly from the full report (global findings) as well as the "15 Key Findings" report based on US
Documentary production, distribution and audience consumption have shifted further into the mainstream than ever before, with original documentary
Click Here For Full Report The State of the Documentary Field initiative was shaped by the Center for Media & Social Impact, in collaboration with
The line that traditionally separated documentary filmmakers from journalists increasingly is becoming blurred, if not erased. As the disciplines
Overview Culture paints a portrait of what we celebrate and who is worthy of our attention. As cultural critic and journalist Mary McNamara stated,
By Caty Borum Chattoo and Will Jenkins Center for Media & Social Impact Contemporary social-issue documentary films are available to the public
By Caty Borum Chattoo & Will Jenkins, Center for Media & Social Impact When Movies Go to Washington: Documentary Films & Public Policy in the United
Editor’s Note: The complete PDF of this Survey, conducted by the Center for Media & Social Impact in collaboration with IDA, is available at both
A new report from the Center for Social Media: "Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in Their Work."