Getting Real

Marcia Smith is president and co-founder of Firelight Media, an award-winning non-profit film organization, and principal of Firelight Films, a
A candid assessment of the current landscape for documentary filmmakers, this opening plenary lays the groundwork for three packed days of programming
As the field of impact extends the life and reach of documentary films, it also reshapes and complicates the relationship between filmmaker and film
Documentary production, distribution and audience consumption have shifted further into the mainstream than ever before, with original documentary
The word access has a unique resonance for nonfiction filmmakers – when applied to disability it gains even greater significance. Access to resources
Accuracy, facts and fairness are hallmarks of nonfiction storytelling and sacrosanct in journalism. Documentary filmmakers are obliged to follow local
Editor’s Note: Orwa Nyrabia is the artistic director of International Documentary Filmmaker Amsterdam (IDFA). He was born in Syria, where, in 2002
Editor’s Note: Chi-hui Yang is program officer at Ford Foundation’s JustFilms initiative. What follows is an edited version of his keynote address at
Editor’s Note: Molly Thompson is Senior Vice President of Feature Films at A&E Networks. In 2005 she launched the network’s feature documentary arm, A
Transcription of Michele Stephenson's Keynote address from Getting Real '18.