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Hot Docs

Even during the annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 's celebration of everything nonfiction, not every Canuck obsesses over
It's hard to discuss the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival without weighing in with superlatives. This is an event that just grows
The 19th edition of Toronto's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival wrapped on Sunday, May 6, to unprecedented audience attendees
Returning to Toronto for my first post-pandemic visit to Hot Docs for this year’s 30th anniversary celebration (April 27-May 7) was well worth both
By Bedatri D.Choudhury AND Tom White Tom White: The Hot Docs Canadian Documentary Film Festival reclaimed its in-person status after a three-year
The documentary community is filled with tough pros, but surely all of us can spare a thought for a festival that had to deal with the first outburst
Hot Docs is back for its 2021 festival edition, bringing short and feature-length documentaries from around the world to viewer's home screens between
In this new age of physical distancing and social isolation, computer screens and television monitors have become the focal point for our contact with
Editor’s Note: Filmmaker Lisa Valencia-Svensson was invited to deliver a keynote address at Hot Docs this past spring. What follows is an abbreviated
Everybody loves an anniversary. Hot Docs had its celebrations last year when Canada’s biggest documentary festival turned silver to massive industry