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Bernardo Ruiz has always been interested in stories about borderlands—“In particular, the love/hate relationship between the US and Mexico,” he says
One of the most surprising and uplifting docs I caught on the fest circuit last year, Stacey Tenenbaum's The Art of the Shine showcases shoeshiners
For this column at least, January has become what I'll call "mental differentness" (as opposed to "illness" or "disability") month—a chance to
Things are rarely black and white in the realm of nonfiction, but when it comes to social justice in these United States, events can seem to align
Editor's Note: Some of the greatest documentaries of all time would be inconceivable without their protagonists to drive the stories and keep us
Paula Apsell began her career with PBS in 1975 as a production assistant on a small science series called NOVA. Back then, men would typically be
'Crips and Bloods' goes inside Los Angeles' most notorious gangs.
"Diverse. Innovative. Smart." These are the three words Independent Television Service (ITVS) executive director Sally Jo Fifer uses to describe the