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With the recent explosion of non-fiction series, what opportunities do they represent for documentary filmmakers? Do these programs signal the latest
Every president since Lyndon B. Johnson has made curing cancer a cornerstone of their health-care initiatives. With each passing administration, the
Last spring, Al Jazeera America announced a partnership with Chicago-based Kartemquin Films ( The Interrupters, The New Americans) on a six-part
It wasn't too long ago when documentary films were relegated to the realm of PBS programming and occasional network specials. The emergence of cable
One of the most eagerly awaited documentaries of the year may also be one of the most controversial. The Blues, the seven-part, ten-and-a-half-hour
Ultimate Explorer correspondent Lisa Ling, (right) on assignment with smokejumpers in Nepal. Photo: Mark Thiessen/National Geographic Television and
A battle is brewing between victims and filmmakers over the use of crime stories for documentary films and reality television. Victims/survivors are
"Since we started, a lot of our ideas seemed strange at first," observes Fenton Bailey, co-founder, with Randy Barbato, of the Hollywood and London
China's documentary television sector has travelled light years in a decade. This boom is driven by China's vast-scale, rocketing economic growth, its
Ross Greenburg is a native New Yorker whose boyhood heroes included such sports icons as Joe Namath, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Jim Brown and