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atlas (noun): a bound collection of maps, sometimes with supplementary illustrations or graphic analyses; a volume of tables, charts or plates that
Winston Churchill conducted most of World War II from a warren of tiny rooms underneath the Treasury Building in London's Whitehall. Now an impressive
Nonfiction Summit Explores What's Next in programming.
You are about to pitch your concept or completed documentary to a channel. But what do they pay? If your "ask" is off the map, you look unprofessional
Love it or hate it, reality TV is here to stay. In the last decade, more and more outlets (including networks) have put reality programs front and
As reality programming proliferates and cop and family dramas remain meat-and-potatoes staples on the television menu, it may be hard for some to wrap
The ever staid and stoic Michael Kaplan, producer/director of Make 'em Laugh . Photo: Joe Sinnott. Courtesy of Thirteen/WNET After producing what many
In the year since winning the Grand Jury Prize at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival for Daughter from Danang , producer/director Gail Dolgin and
David Wolper, whose Wolper Organization was a pioneering force in documentary production during the first three decades of American television, passed
'Addiction,' a nine-part series, features the work of some of the greatest documentary makers working today.