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'The Boomer List' premieres September 23 on PBS' 'American Masters.'
When filmmakers discuss "shooting," they usually mean "using a camera." But when working in combat zones, shooting may suggest something entirely
Joan Churchill Honored for Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking
PlusCamerimage, the Bydgoszcz, Poland-based festival devoted to the art of cinematography, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year; the festival ran
'Photographic Memory' opens October 12 in New York City through First Run Features.
Samsara is the third non-verbal film Ron Fricke and I have made, the others being Chronos (1985) and Baraka (1992). These films have taken us in total
In the opening montage of Side by Side, a new documentary directed by Chris Kenneally, co-producer/narrator/interviewer Keanu Reeves explains to
The Feeling of Being There: A Filmmaker's Memoir By Richard Leacock Edited by Valerie LaLonde Semeion Editions, 2011: 357 pages with black and white
'Hell and Back Again' is nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2012 Academy Awards®.
Shooting Faya Dayi without a crew in rural Ethiopia, where walking long distances was the only way to arrive at my locations, taught me something