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Documentary filmmakers have to be ready for anything. As the saying goes, the minute you put down the camera, the most amazing thing happens. In order
A thirty-year veteran in the documentary field, Kirsten Johnson has received numerous accolades for her documentary films, Derrida, Darfur Now, Pray
I work as both a cinematographer and a director/cinematographer; I find the latter to be especially challenging. I need to be able to have the tools I
Don't let these photos of gear fool you. Over the course of my nearly three-decade-long career, I have almost never brought the same gear on a shoot
In a career that spans over 45 years, Joan Churchill has made her mark as one of the most influential cinematographers working in documentary film
You've no doubt seen these before in a documentary: an interviewee sitting just inches in front of a bookcase, with the individual book titles visible
Over the last quarter-century, Kirsten Johnson has lensed some of the most challenging and impactful documentaries of our time, ranging from Laura
Following a brief test run in the 1990s, virtual reality has rapidly taken hold over the past few years as a potent tool for exploring the
It is challenging for female cinematographers. No woman has ever been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, and very few have been
Haskell Wexler, who passed away Sunday morning at 93, earned the 2006 IDA Career Achievement Award not only for his exemplary artistry as a