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Gender Issues

Documentary director and producer Nicole Newnham still remembers finding, as a young teenager, a copy in her mother’s bedside table of taboo-breaking
Last June my debut feature film Pray Away premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is a career milestone I am grateful for, and one I’ll never
While the documentary field has only become more and more inclusive over the last few years, the more formative role of women in the documentary
The co-director of Outcry and Whisper, Zeng Jinyan, discusses how women breakthrough systems that erase humanity. She explores the concept that
I am a white female filmmaker, a director of documentary films. Women, especially white women, have traditionally done better in documentaries than in
In documentaries, women dominate the roster of editors working on the most compelling films and television series. To understand the current landscape
In 2016 documentary filmmaker Senain Kheshgi was approached to make a series of short films in collaboration with Save The Children, Johnson & Johnson
I’ve been thinking a lot about what a unique, strange and unpredictable thing the web series space is, and how working in it after a decade of working
In October 2011, the documentary series Women, War & Peace premiered on PBS. It consisted of five hour-long docs, including Pray the Devil Back to
If you are an urban Indian woman, chances are that you’ve been asked at some point to desist from touching or staining or entering spaces while on