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Getting Real

While much has been written about the colonial history of documentary filmmaking, far less is known about the canon of oppositional cinema created by Black, Indigenous, and other filmmakers of color.
When we are fighting a pandemic and on the brink of environmental cataclysm and we can’t breathe and our children are locked in cages, what is our responsibility as artists?
This year’s virtual gathering of Getting Real ‘20 called for the redistribution of power within documentary practice and the removal of barriers
“When you are a member of a marginalized community, most film and television is not made with you in mind. And so, if you are a person of color, an
I attended my first conference in yoga pants and a t-shirt with snacks and a coffee mug on my desk, a cat and dog, and stretch breaks whenever I wanted.
It’s been more than nine months since the deadly movement of COVID-19 from China to North America and Europe—and nearly every other continent—utterly
The issue of ethics has driven the documentary field in various ways and in various degrees of emphases and urgency since the beginnings of the art
Although the documentary form can take shape in reenactment, animation or other mediums, storytelling through participant interviews continues to command the craft.
Getting Real ‘20 ’s Main Stage programming sought to address some timely issues within the documentary community, and sparked nuanced, thought
The digital edition of Getting Real ‘20 has underscored the driving themes—”Access. Power. Possibility.”—by serving up riveting conversations from