Short Films

When filmmaker Laura Nix walked into a dance studio in the San Gabriel Valley to find 40 people ballroom-dancing in the middle of the day, she thought
In the Absence begins with the usual narrative markers of a ship tragedy: a drone camera sweeps over the site, we hear a 911 call, security camera
After the success of her feature documentary A Suitable Girl, Al Jazeera's Witness series asked Smriti Mundhra to make another film. It wasn't long
If you are an urban Indian woman, chances are that you’ve been asked at some point to desist from touching or staining or entering spaces while on
Filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald’s upbringing in Oregon defied the norm, even in a state known for alternative lifestyles. Consider the family dog: his name
In his third Academy Award-nominated film, Marshall Curry delivers a striking variation on his previous nominees, Street Fight and If a Tree Falls. A
“I did whatever I needed to do to fit into a group of people whohated the color of my skin… I wanted love. I wanted to feel love, so yeah, I just made
What does it mean to die well in the 21st century, and how does it feel? End Game, from longtime collaborators Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (The
After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, Emmy Award-winning chef, author and magazine publisher Sandra Lee chose to invite cameras to her medical
Student interest in college courses focusing on documentary media has never been higher. Why? Certainly, "documenting" their lives via Instagram and