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At SXSW panels, you can get the headlines of business trends that overlap techie and filmmaker interests, if you can sift through the hype, the self
South by Southwest began in 1987 as an effort by the local Austin music scene to promote itself nationally and offer a more laid-back alternative
At the annual high-tech attentional food fight that is SXSW, you could see Google Glass-wearers, a Wookie, a flock of foldup bikes, food trucks, an
You come to SXSW for the synergy. The sprawling, raucous festival in Austin, Texas overlaps three creative communities: filmmakers, interactive
South by Southwest (you write it SXSW, you say it "South-by") makes a credible claim to showcase innovation in the overlap between geekery/gaming
During the height of the pandemic, I participated in SXSW virtually, which meant watching films online from my living room couch, which didn’t invite the same emotions I felt at festivals in person. Thankfully, I was able to go to Austin for the first time this March, and I hit the ground running. It was an experience full of remarkable films, brilliant filmmakers, delicious barbeque, and confident networking.
It is an exciting year at SXSW, and not just because they return in person. There are so many IDA-supported documentaries at this year's festival
SXSW, the annual mega-event in Austin, TX, has become not just a festival, not just a destination, but a spectacle in four dimensions. As cosplay
Why would a filmmaker go to SXSW, the annual mega film/music/tech conference in "keepin' it weird" Austin? a. The documentary films b. Panels on film
At SXSW this year, you could find great pleasure in films at two extremes of the commercially viable spectrum: the idiosyncratic passion project at