It is not surprising that the Tow Center for Digital Journalism's research project, Video Now—which examines current trends of news publications'
When Silverdocs launched in 2003, Ann Richards and George Plimpton were still alive, Journey was just another '80s rock band, and a small Moroccan
“Right now the system—that's the sad part of this collapsing system—is basically taking advantage that there are so many filmmakers that are clueless
"From Pre-Pandemic Flashback to Post-Pandemic Visions of Documentary Distribution" was the long and winding title of a thankfully succinct, nuts-and
This is a tale of taking our old films and meeting the brave new world of distribution. A lot of ingenuity is called for to keep our films before the
Letting Amazon buy MGM studios would be bad for independent filmmakers, and the people who love their films. It could make today’s bad situation worse
Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story was unceremoniously removed from Amazon Prime two weeks ago, one of many independent films vanquished by The
Even before Working Films had a name, its founders, Robert West and Judith Helfand, knew what the organization would stand for and do. “Filmworks [as
Director Zeshawn Ali and producer Aman Ali premiered their first feature-length documentary Two Gods at Hot Docs in June in the midst of a global
By Steven Beer, Neil Rosini & Julie AngellHow can geoblocking impact the video-on-demand marketplace?Geoblocking technology restricts access to