As a stopgap measure, the AFI Docs festival in Washington, DC was remarkably satisfying. The technology largely worked; most Zoom participants
One of the most jarring aspects of the global pandemic is the rapidity with which every part of life as we know it has been upended, forcing us to
The New Virtual Normal: Covering a Film Festival During COVID-19Covering CPH:DOX—the first spring fest to respond to COVID-19 by moving entirely
It may sound hyperbolic, but there has never been a worse time in the history of the world to be launching an independent documentary into the
Since its founding in 2003, the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, better known as CPH:DOX, has avidly embraced expanding definitions of
Film festivals are so crucial to launching your film, giving it that initial exposure to key thought leaders in the press, test-driving it in front of
This year's True/False Film Festival fought off COVID-19 with gallon jugs of hand sanitizer, outrageous costumes, and endless cocktails of creativity
The swan song for John Cooper, following his stellar, three-decades-long tenure at the Sundance Film Festival, including 11 years at the helm, was
Sundance Film Festival is back at Park City this month. In addition to seven IDA-supported film screenings, our Executive Directory, Simon Kilmurry
The spa resort of Hot Springs, Arkansas bubbles with history. Grand bathhouses that date from more than a century ago line one side of Central Avenue