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Field Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

During Ranell Shubert’s first eight-year span on staff at IDA, she has had the opportunity to work across many departments, giving her a unique
Essential Doc Reads is our curated selection of recent features and important news items about the documentary form and its processes, from around the
By May 2000, the fear of an impending apocalypse dimmed. The Y2K glitch, the much-hyped computer error that supposedly stemmed from the inability of
“Who is telling what story, from what perspective, using what form, through what gatekeepers?” This four-part question, posed by Chi-hui Yang of the
Sahar Driver and Sonya Childress recently announced their co-directorship of a new initiative to support the sustainability and strengthening of
True/False Film Fest, nestled in the college town of Columbia, Missouri, isn’t just a film festival. It’s a warmblooded celebration of creativity of
Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) started as a secret. It was built to be a safe place for BIPOC women and non-binary filmmakers and industry professionals
The founding of FWD-Doc (Filmmakers with Disabilities-Documentary) can be traced to IDA’s 2018 Getting Real conference in Los Angeles. After a panel
I find the term “gatekeeper” discomforting. I cringe every time it is mentioned in reference to someone in a position of power in our industry. Even
By KRISTAL SOTOMAYOR and HANSEN BURSIC Strong, meaningful allyship is one of the most powerful tools we have to change our industry for the better