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Though staying in her home region of Appalachia, documentarian Elaine McMillion Sheldon departs from her vérité beginnings in her latest feature, King
Psychologist Silvan Tomkins wrote about "the tendency of jobs to be adapted to tools, rather than adapting tools to jobs." The job of recording
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound is a deftly drawn story about sound and its evolving role in filmmaking, told through the personal histories
What is the typical process you will go through when working with a sound house or individual? Is there a typical process? Everyone works a little
Dear Editor: I just read Alan Barker's article " Documentary Sound: Some Minimal Audiokits" (Winter 2017) with some interest. However, there are a few
This article is intended for documentary filmmakers who, for reasons of access or budget, work alone, or nearly so. Hiring a professional sound person
Some of the great recent documentaries— Citizenfour, Cartel Land, The Overnighters, Darwin's Nightmare, My Country, My Country—were shot with little
I'm fascinated by sound and how it can transform a documentary program. The creative sound concepts that excite me most are usually the more specific
Last issue, I discussed sound design and what you will need to know when considering this important element of the post-production process. Part and
Scoring Your Film - Licensing and Composing