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Middle Eastern Media

The 30th edition of the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) was nonstop information overload, in a good way. The events were
Editor's Note: Sara Taksler was working as a senior producer at The Daily Show when her best friend unexpectedly died. She found her laughter again by
Filmmaker Mariam Jobrani had a reasonably thriving career in documentary and reality TV. Then in April 2010, everything changed: She received a
In the face of perceived dominance in the documentary marketplace by such major SVODs as Netflix and Amazon, an international coalition of
Talal Derki is making a film in an area so dangerous, he and his wife must treat each departure as if it might be his last. After all, he explains, "I
Since IDA's DocuClub was relaunched in 2016 as a forum for sharing and soliciting feedback about works-in-progress, four DocuClub alums have premiered
Filmmaker Matthew Heineman floored audiences two years ago with his third feature film Cartel Land, an in-the-foxhole, vérité tale of the ongoing drug
The opening of Evgeny Afineevsky's Cries from Syria calls to mind a small, sad poem by the late Bill Knott:The only responseto a child's grave isto
The Israel Broadcasting Authority, the state’s longtime public broadcasting network, was scheduled to close this coming fall, making way for an