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Roadrunner, Oscar-winner Morgan Neville’s documentary film about chef and cultural icon Anthony Bourdain, sparked a heated debate last summer when the
Documentary filmmaking, like other forms of investigative journalism, relies on sources and subjects who are willing to speak candidly and provide
Criminal prosecutions and civil litigation can make compelling subjects for documentarians. Indeed, documentary films that have used legal cases as a
Vetting—the process of reviewing scripts and footage to address legal concerns prior to a documentary film’s release—generally occurs at (or toward)
Subpoenas demanding that documentary filmmakers reveal confidential sources, or disclose their outtakes, notes or other unpublished work product pose
Unflinching investigative documentary filmmaking that tells uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing truths about powerful people, corporations and
Investigative documentary filmmaking is at its best when it’s telling difficult, controversial and even dangerous stories that push boundaries and