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Science fiction scholars believe that Murray Leinster’s 1945 short story, “First Contact,” was the original use of “First Contact” to represent the
At IDA’s 2018 Getting Real Conference, Brown Girls Doc Mafia, Firelight Media and A-Docs collaborated on a series of panels entitled #Decolonize Docs
In a highly engaging new text, Open Space New Media Documentary: A Toolkit for Theory and Practice, authors Patricia R. Zimmerman and Helen De Michiel
"Documentary editing is perhaps one of the most challenging intellectual feats on the planet…How does anyone do it?" Author, educator and film editor
Joshua Glick's meticulously researched book, Los Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958-1977, melds, as its title states, a
An impressive 151 film and media project titles are used by Broderick Fox as source material referenced throughout this textbook for modern
Visual communication is always an unreliable universal language…— Annette DantoWhatever happened to the credo “If I can see it, it must be true?” This
Metaphors on VisionBy Stan BrakhageRepublished by Anthology Film Archivesand Light Industry, September 2017"Sex is a touchstone but not a foundation
While "Robert enjoyed notoriety both in life and in death," it was his wife, Frances, who "crafted the intellectual infrastructure supporting
True SouthBy Jon ElseIllustrated. 404 pages. Viking. $30.A corollary of the old adage, "You can't tell a book by its cover," may be, "You can tell a