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  • Dale Evans: Queen of the West and the wife of Roy Rogers: King of the Cowboys,
    offers us the chance to experience the inspirational journey of an American icon as we follow Dale's path from precocious childhood, to eloping at 14, motherhood at 15 and divorce for the first of three times,...

  • When a model leaves an abusive relationship, she starts making a film about beauty that ends up saving her life.

    (INNER) beauty will save the world

    Our need to fit into a society, to be loved and accepted, create an abyss between who we are and who we become.
    Cris Saur, was...

  • Discover an invention from the 1870s that has outlasted technological innovations — the almost random arrangement of the typewriter keyboard – through the revealing personal journeys of three entrepreneurial inventors.
    The Qwerty Story provides new insight into invention, innovation, the...