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A Long Hard Streak

Billy Dean Anderson was a prolific outsider artist and criminal who escaped prison multiple times. He was added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List and fled to live in a Tennessee cave for almost five

LA-Artist Documentary Project

The LA-Artist Documentary Project is dedicated to people working creatively in and around Los Angeles. The ongoing, collaborative project aims to document LA's artistic diversity by producing a range

Lacquer-Korea's Brilliant Art

This is the story of traditional artisans struggling to maintain natural beauty in contemporary South Korean society. The artistic process of applying refined tree sap to objects for improving


Kidnapped and taken to Guantánamo Bay by the US military, Lakhdar Boumediène was wrongfully detained and tortured at the notorious prison for seven long years.

Last Note: A Dialogue Between Kaneto Shindo and Benicio Deltoro

Last Note: A Dialogue Between Kaneto Shindo and Benicio Deltoro was created to present Kaneto Shindo to the American film world. Kaneto Shindo is the 2nd oldest living filmmaker in the world. The work

Latter-Day Glory

Two gay ex-mormon missionaries travel across the United States to confront their past and explore their futures while discussing with other gay mormons about the rejection, oppression and the reality

Lead and Copper

Long before the Flint water crisis became national news in 2014, the region had already suffered through decades of economic hardship. When the city of Detroit terminates its agreement to continue

LEANING OUT - An Intimate Look at Twin Towers Engineer Leslie E Robertson

The leading structural engineer of the World Trade Center oversees the construction of the world’s tallest building, haunted by its fall ever since. Families of 9/11 victims and the engineering

Leave Them Laughing

Ninety riveting minutes of songs about life and quips about death from the wheelchair of a woman who vows to exit laughing. Once a nationally-known performer of ballads, skits and self-parody, now

Left Behind

Left Behind, currently in production, examines the issue of undiagnosed dyslexia, one of the leading causes of illiteracy in the United States. The film follows six mothers as they endeavor to open

Lesson Plan

The 196710th grade class at Cubberley High School was studying Nazi Germany when teacher Ron Jones informed them that they could achieve power by utilizing "Strength Through Discipline". Jones then

Let My People Vote


Voter suppression is one of the painful legacies of hundreds of years of systemic racism.  And, unless the story is told, it’s not going away. 

In 2016, our

Let the Little Light Shine

A high-achieving elementary school just south of downtown Chicago is a lifeline for Black children – until gentrification threatens its closure.

National Teachers Academy (NTA) is a top ranked, high

Let Them Eat Cake

Pastriology is a horror documentary which takes a global view of the perils and pleasures of pastry. How can something that can make you sick and even kill you be such a sweet expression of cultural

Let Them Play: Three Words That Changed the Course of a City

In 1950, two young African-American boys risked their lives to play on a segregated golf course in Austin, Texas, not knowing the impact they would have on civil rights in the south.

Let Us Read

'Let Us Read' explores various personal stories of living in a world full of misconceptions and systemic barriers toward dyslexia and other learning differences. However, thanks to decades of research

License to Tell

"License to Tell" traces the history of this explosion of writing through one of its most colorful and wildest creators.

Life + Life

LIFE + LIFE is a hybrid documentary film, a visual and musical meditation on Black boyhood, harm and punishment, and the radical imagination.

Life in the Shadows

Years after K's classmates were massacred in his school, he records the lives of Machid, who attends the same school, and Khatima, who works in the cemetery where the dead students are buried.


Life Underground is a transmedia project that invites visitors on a journey through the subways of the world and into the personal stories of their passengers.

Shot in multiple cities around the

Like heroes

At the beginning of the 90's, in San Francisco, Sylvie sets up Ti Couz, an utopian creperie, made of self-management, ecological concerns, social rights for the employees. After successful years

Little Amens

Throughout the span of twenty five years, from 1970 to 1995 and beyond, the cultural environment in the rural town of Ada, Oklahoma (population 17,000) produced an extraordinary number of nationally

Little Armenia

There are 350,000 Armenians in Southern California. Who are they, where do they come from and why are they here?  LITTLE ARMENIA is a 90-minute exploration of the Armenian experience in Southern

Little Tokyo Social Club

The Little Tokyo Social Club was where members of the Japanese Community met to have social dances, singing, current events and meeting halls to gather the newly established Japanese community in 1919

Live at the Agora

THE RISE, FALL, AND REBIRTH OF A ROCK-AND-ROLL CATHEDRAL: In the 1970s, the Agora Ballroom concert clubs brought rock-and-roll to the heartland of America and became a springboard for some of the most

Living While American

For generations, Philadelphia has suffered from a plague of racial profiling. One young city councilman aims to help close the gap between the police and the communities of color they are sworn to

Location Vacation

Location Vacation is a new travel series that takes you "on location" around the world to where your favorite movies and TV shows were filmed. Do you like movies and television? Do you like to travel

Longing for the Soul, A Quest for Rumi

UNESCO announced the year 2007 as "800 years of Rumi's legacy" and the world will celebrate his memory. It is very intriguing that among all, a Moslem poet is rising to international reverence in a

Looking for Rosey

Looking for Rosey tells the untold story of Roosevelt Thompson, a Rhodes Scholar, who became a symbolic representative of scholarship that underscored the success of the historic actions of the Little

Looking Up, Way Up! the Burt Rutan Story

Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story is a feature-length documentary spanning Burt Rutan’s life, career and legendary contributions to the field of aviation and beyond.

Few industrial designers

Lord of Obstacles

LORD OF OBSTACLES is a feature-length documentary exploration of human-elephant conflict in the remote Indian state of Assam, where 5,600 of the world’s remaining wild Asian elephants – driven out of

Los Cautivos: The First Battle Over Native American Education

As the Western frontier closed, America sought to forcibly re-educate Native Americans at Indian Boarding Schools.  Their motto was “Kill The Indian To Save The Man.”  In 1892, the Pueblo of Isleta

Lost Cinemas of Greater Des Moines

Experience the rise and fall of Des Moines' vanished movie theatres and drive-ins that once dotted downtown and the suburbs, in a pop-culture retrospective that brings their history back to life

Love, Your Birth Mom

Love, Your Birth Mom is a documentary film that follows the journey of several pregnant women who are considering adoption. The film chronicles their pregnancies through the moment when they are faced

Loving Pictures

Loving Pictures starts at one of the lowest points in the history of cinema: the closing of movie theaters across the world and the acceleration of streaming subscriptions fueled by the pandemic

Lucky Bastard: An Adoption Documentary

In this riveting story, 23Year old Elijah seeks to confront his absent biological father face to face. He plans to do so without warning, knowing that his birthfather would likely attempt to avoid him