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A DocumenTree

A spiritual missionary in the form of a 10-foot tree asks us to explore human nature and the survival of our species, but in the end he must contend with his own survival and past. Lionel Powell grew


BY MY SIDE is an intimate portrait of three veterans suffering from the “invisible wound,” PTSD, the most prevalent and unhealed wound suffered by veterans. Approximately 20% of those who served in

Dani's Twins

DANI’S TWINS, an award-winning documentary, provides a rare, intimate look into the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Daniela Izzie--one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins

Dead Sea Guardians

The Dead Sea, a transboundary water body - shared by Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians - is a unique salt-lake, known for its exceptional geographical, biological, and historical value, and is the

Dear Dad

When she was 12 years old, just minutes after a family argument, filmmaker Mayumi Maruyama's father hung himself in the garage of his family's suburban American home. DEAR DAD is her effort to both

Death By a Thousand Cuts

A park-ranger's brutal murder opens the way for a journey into the depths of the illegal charcoal trade in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A tangled web of desperation, maneuvering and corruption

Death of a Child

Every parent’s worst fear – to cause one’s own child’s death.

Death by hyperthermia is the official designation. When it happens to young children, the facts are often the same: An otherwise loving

Decomposing Charles Strouse

Charles Strouse has created some of the most celebrated songs in American history, but at age 83, he is still fighting for validation, and trying to understand the complicated world that lives deep


After battling cancer for over thirteen years, Joyce Mallonee has decided to channel her experiences into an art show called Deconstruction. With no formal background in fine art, she turns to her son

Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America

DEFINING BEAUTY focuses on the extraordinary lives of five women and their journey toward the 2010 Ms.Wheelchair America pageant. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Ms.Wheelchair America is a

Devil Put The Coal In The Ground

Uniquely structured upon the personal storytelling of native West Virginians, “Devil Put The Coal In The Ground” is a meditation on the suffering and devastation brought on by the coal industry and

Die a Hero

When Mark Lane, a middle aged White American living near the Mexican border confronts white supremacists targeting immigrants in a small California border town, he, his wife and three children become


Disclosure is an unprecedented look at the depiction of transgender people and experiences throughout the history of film and television. Over 100 years of footage, from A Florida Enchantment (1914)

Distilling Dreams

Family, dreamers, second chances, and the opening of the first whiskey distillery in Austin, TX since prohibition.

Distilling Dreams is an intimate feature length documentary about the people behind

Do U Want It?

Do U Want It? is an exploration and celebration of the musical culture of New Orleans. The film chronicles the rise of beloved New Orleans' band Papa Grows Funk and uses their illustrious thirteen


Docbloc was founded in 2021 by Ash Marinaccio with the mission of experimenting with documentary form and bringing together artists working across documentary genres for conversation and

Doctor Who Am I

An infamous Doctor Who screenwriter is reluctantly dragged back into the American Whoniverse, in this funny and moving documentary about finding family in the unlikeliest of places.

Don't Quit Champ

Don't Quit Champ" chronicles the life of former Guyanese champion boxer Lennox Blackmoore. The film traces Lennox's rise from a young amateur boxer in Guyana to a world-renowned champion, unfolding the


DOORWAYS TO DIGNITY is a feature-length documentary that spans a decade at Dignity Village, a tent city founded by homeless people in our nation's spirit of bootstrap independence, a bold attempt to

Dr. B3 - The Soul of the Music

Dr. B3 - The Soul of the Music tells the amazing story of the late Hammond organist Dr. Lonnie Smith - from childhood doo-wop singer to becoming a National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Master. It was

Dreaming in Somali

Dreaming in Somali is a timely exploration of Somali refugees’ integration in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The documentary follows the Somali-American experience through the eyes of four


"[T]he ultimate aspiration is that [DreamxAmerica] . . . both supports immigrant-led small businesses across the U.S. and acts as a heartfelt reminder of our country’s common values of dignity

Driven to Abstraction

Driven to Abstraction unravels a mutating tale of self-delusion, greed, and fraud-- the $80 million forgery scandal that rocked the art world and brought down Knoedler, New York City’s oldest and most

Duty Free Documentary

Duty Free is a feature-length documentary about an immigrant mother, who, after working every day of her life to support her two kids on one paycheck, is abruptly fired from her job at the age of 75

our kids

Every parent grapples with questions like, Should I let my child watch Youtube? At what age do I get my child a phone? Our mission in this film is to step beyond the media coverage that spells doom

The Deadline (Working Title)

Tensions are rising, we are becoming more polarised, and the world feels less and less stable. Social media has become a dangerously powerful propaganda tool. Many believe we are heading towards

The Dells: Next Generation

This is an educational documentary film that features interviews, images, archival footage, and music by The Dells and other popular artists from every era since 1877. It traces the history of the

The Dirty War on the NHS

This film will reveal the destruction by stealth and spin of perhaps the greatest achievement of the post-world war two era -- health care for all. In Britain, in 1948, a national health service was

The Donn of Tiki

The founding father of what we know today as the Tiki bar, Donn Beach spent years embellishing the details of his extraordinary life. This documentary attempts to separate fact from exaggeration with