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Hamtramck, USA

Hamtramck, USA explores life and democracy in America's first Muslim-majority city.

Happy Campers

Every summer, hard-working families escape their ordinary routines to live like kings in a scrappy seasonal trailer park. As market forces threaten to turn their shabby Shangri-La into a playground

Hard To Believe Outreach Campaign

"Hard To Believe" is a documentary film that investigates the killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China and questions why so little is being done to stop it, despite the volumes of

Harder Than The Rock

Britain’s first reggae band, Cimarons, was formed by teenage Jamaican immigrants, in a London bus shelter in 1967.

Reggae exploded in the 1970s, with Cimarons at its heart. Thousands of miles from

Hawaii - A Voice for Sovereignty

Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty is a documentary film by photojournalist Catherine Bauknight that explores the culture of the Native Hawaiians and their connection to the land. At the forefront of

Hazy Valley

In their ancestral homeland Los Angeles, members of the Kizh-Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians are responding to the city’s ecological crisis by reviving the highly efficient land stewardship


In 1989, Jim Klages - former cornet soloist of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band - was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which prompted his early retirement. After years of declining

Healing From Hate: Battle for the Soul of a Nation

Bolstered by the rise of Trump and the Alt Right, disenfranchised white Americans are becoming radicalized into white supremacy at an alarming rate.

"Angry White Men: Life After Hate" examines the

Healing Trauma - The Resilient Soul

Healing Trauma: The Resilient Soul is a documentary that follows the lives of four diverse individuals who are all survivors of trauma. The film follows their healing journeys as they explore

Healing Wounded Knee

How do we begin to heal national trauma? How does the heart navigate the terrain of forgiveness? Until we grapple with our shared American history, including the genocide against the original

Her Turf short documentary

The Untold Story about Three Female Refs

HEROIC: Sabin Howard Sculpts the National WWI Memorial

HEROIC: SABIN HOWARD SCULPTS THE NATIONAL WWI MEMORIAL is the story of one man’s superhuman quest to change the world with his monumental art.

This film is also the story of a race against time

HERsay Podcast - Season 3

The HERsay Podcast elevates the voices of women. We educate, inform, and inspire women by sharing personal stories, expert advice, advocacy, and opinions directly from women locally, regionally, and

Hesburgh Project

The life and times of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh offers a unique glimpse at fifty years of American history as seen through the eyes of one man who chose the role of priest above all else. Educator, civil

High Ground

Eleven veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan join an expedition to climb the 20,000 foot Himalayan giant Mount Lobuche. With blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer and a team of Everest summiters as

High Noon in American

At a time when the ground beneath us seems to be slipping away in a morass of social media, fake news and fear mongering, this film is a story of building mutual respect and recognition by showing how


Aberdeen, Scotland. 1959. On the city’s poor west side, Elsie and Dennis Edwards bring their newborn middle son Graham home to a tiny, rundown apartment in the Kinkorth housing project. 52 Caisdykes

Hollywood's Architect

For more than fifty years Paul R. Williams was one of the most successful architects in Los Angeles. At a time when most African Americans worked as servants or laborers, Paul Williams was designing


Groundbreaking, intimate and durational - HOMEMADE is the six-year journey following combat wounded and highly decorated Force Reconnaissance Marine Adam Sorensen and his wife Victoria as he navigates

Hong Kong Documentary

Personal stories of the women fighting for Hong Kong’s freedom
and democracy against communsist China, who stormed the streets to demand justice.

Fresh off their success of their Academy Award ®

Hope Fiends

Hope Fiends conveys the story of an underground sober house in one of the top college party towns in America. This film, takes a step into this unique house as they, for the first time, expose the

Horn Maker

Matthew Markus is a former hacker with a special skill set: deconstructing the social systems in our world to see behind the matrix. At 24, just as the world wide web emerged, Matthew single-handedly

House Of Fire

Can the man once called "the nation's number one domestic terror threat" reform his life to become a good father? In 1996, Jake Ferguson started the Earth Liberation Front, the underground eco

How I Prepare For The LA Marathon

They are the happiest people on the planet. It is not about running the race; it’s about finishing the LA Marathon without injury.

This story is about Jayson Warsuma, preparing for the Marathon. He

How to Talk to Children about their Mentally Ill, Schizophrenic Parent

My wife and I have been broadcast documentary filmmakers/producers for more than thirty years. Our daughter is an adult schizophrenic with two teenage children. When our grandchildren were in grade

How's My Driving?

In America aggressive driving has reached epidemic proportions. But when aggressive driving turns to road rage, it’s deadly. Traffic confrontations are ending in murder. Everyday people are being

Hunter-Gatherers: The Story of Hunter S. Thompson Stories

Hunter S. Thompson was an icon of American journalism and stomped upon global culture. He also could have a truly profound effect on people -- via his friendship, writing or even casual interactions -

Huxley on Huxley

Laura Archera was a teenage violin virtuoso who turned renowned psychotherapist. With the publication of BRAVE NEW WORLD in 1933, Aldous Huxley had become an undisputed literary giant of the 20th

The Harvard 5 in New Canaan

"The Harvard 5" tells the true story of five men – architects and industrial designers, husbands, fathers, lovers. Now known famously as the "Harvard 5", who in a post WWII era of hope and

The Healing Journey

The Healing Journey is a docuseries that examines the role adverse childhood experiences plays in adult health, and what some are doing to heal.

The Heart is a Mirror

El Korazon es Espejo (The Heart is a Mirror) is a significant creative endeavor of transcendent lyricism regarding Ladino folklore through the powerful means of preserving an endangered ethnic

The Hidden Dream

This 60 minute documentary portrays the little known history of America's second largest immigrant group since 1990 … Filipinos. Survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March and equally brutal

The Hosts

"The Hosts" shows the perspective of five different Brazilians who were affected by the 2014 FIFA World Cup in different ways - from a woman selling street food by the stadiums, to a man who was

The Human Touch - Andy Goldsworthy

The Human Touch, a feature documentary film with Andy Goldsworthy directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, brings together the team that made the commercially and artistically successful, Rivers and Tides

The Hunter Legacy

Many visitors to Africa feel like they've stepped into the past. However, Kenyan conservationist and safari guide Alex Hunter is acutely aware of how much has changed on this iconic land. In the 1930s