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A Year in the Life: Healing Africa

"History is biography writ large." The same is true of health care. Many of the triumphs and advances in health care delivery in the developing world are intimately linked to those personalities

Y? Chromosome

Y? Chromosome will examine hypermasculinity, homophobia, and heterosexism in the African American community and the concept of masculinity at large by combining expert interviews with first-person

Ya Beirut

A cautionary tale for our times, YA BEIRUT is a first-hand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Beirutis seeking to reclaim their future in a country plunged into economic despair. This

Yoghurt Utopia

The workers at La Fageda yoghurt co-operative suffer from schizophrenia, depression and compulsive behaviour disorder. Many have a rich fantasy life!  Before they came to La Fageda they were locked up

You Laugh But It's True

South Africa's small stand-up comedy scene, multiracial comedian Trevor Noah attempts his first one-man show, despite only having two years experience on stage. Revisiting his past, he creates

Young Survivor

Young Survivor is a powerful and inspiring documentary about the stroke and recovery of Dionna Zupparo, a Rochester, New York native who suffered a life-altering stroke at the age of 14. Before her

Your Own Is Your Own

How do children of mixed ethnicities preserve their unique identity? Must immigrants forgo their roots when assimilating into American culture? What happens to families when painful memories are

Your Pain Was Born Here

Your Pain Was Born Here is a non-linear docu-narrative highlighting the stories of anti-Blackness, Black love, and community. This film bridges the gap between the Black-American communities and the