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Vaccaro by La Villa

Vaccaro By La Villa is a feature documentary directed by acclaimed filmmakers Marco and Mauro La Villa, investigating the mystery that uncovers the extraordinary life of 100-year-old iconic

Valentine Road

IT TAKES A VILLAGE is a documentary in mid-production that unravels the emotionally charged story behind the February 2008 Oxnard E.O. Green Junior High School shooting of an out gay student, 15 year

Vanishing Sail

On the island of Carriacou, West Indies, the last wooden sailboat builder dreams of saving a great tradition passed down the generations from Scottish settlers that sailed here centuries ago.


Velvet Citizen

To dream is an act of hope.

In Czechoslovakia, a young Jaroslav dreamed of sailing around the world. Living in a land-locked country, behind the Iron Curtain and Communist rule, Jaroslav began

Viewers Like Us

Viewers Like Us explores who gets to tell America’s multitude of stories in public media today. Host and independent filmmaker, Grace Lee, along with reporter and filmmaker Akintunde Ahmad

Violet Gave Willingly

In 1974, a bright-eyed young woman entered university to study electrical engineering, and was soon introduced to a mnemonic for teaching the order of colored wires in a resistor (black, brown, red

Virulent: The Vaccine War

"Virulent: The Vaccine War" examines the history of vaccine hesitancy and denial, and the effect Covid-19 has had on anti-vaccination activists. The film also looks at the ways in which the anti

Viva Castro

What’s it mean to be called the “Latino Obama”? To be the person whom people say a whole section of the United States population could conceivably see as their spokesperson, their inspiration, their


VIVA VERDI! is an intimate glimpse into the lives of the celebrated opera singers and musicians currently living our their 'third act' while mentoring international music students who live among them

Voices Over the Water

This is the story of the Scottish Highlanders and their clan chiefs torn apart by a rapidly changing world--feeling their trust betrayed, many Highlanders faced famine and poverty, or emigration to


Voilà is the story, or stories of three characters from disparate, but parallel, lives and what happens when their lives intersect with a fourth character. The three are discarded horses and the


In 2009, filmmaker and travel enthusiast Mariah Wilson set out on a volunteering voyage to two programs on opposite sides of the world: one focused on poaching and endangered animals in Uganda, the

VP: Passion To Serve

VP: Passion to Serve chronicles the changing role and importance of the office of the Vice Presidency as told through the eyes of those who have held the office. The office of the Vice Presidency of