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Paintings by Basquiat and Gerhard Richter sell at auction for tens of millions of dollars; a multi-story inflatable ballerina by Jeff Koons dwarfs visitors

A Place For Us

Against mounting environmental pressures and the fastest-growing human population on earth, Africa’s lions are losing their place on the continent and facing extinction.


Kohola tells the story of plastic pollution thru the eyes of a humpback whale and its family.

Pack is Here

With the increased visibility of transgender people in the United States, we are seeing a backlash that results in efforts to block trans people from participation in some of the most basic parts of

Paleo Doc from Out on Exposure Productions LLC

Our Documentary follows a paleontologist into the American west, where other cash-strapped paleontologists compete against time and erosion in search of new dinosaur discoveries, but they’re not alone


The incredible history of The Palomino Club of North Hollywood (1949-1995) has never been told. What began as a watering hole with a hitching post out front serving the “Singing Cowboys of Hollywood”

Papertown, USA

When a paper mill in a small Appalachian town suddenly closes, leaving 1,200 people without jobs and undoing the economic fabric that held the community together for over a century, how will its


Filmed over the course of seven years, PARASTOO is a coming-of-age story that follows a young Afghan girl named Farzana through the growing pains of young adulthood, the heartbreaking refugee

Particle Fever the Musical

In July of 2014, the documentary Particle Fever was released to the world to great critical acclaim. Filmmaker / Physicist collaborators Mark Levinson and David Kaplan worked from 2007 to 2013 to

Pet FOOleD

Pet Fooled is a documentary exploring the underbelly of the pet food industry. As a business that is largely unregulated, and controlled by a conglomerate of companies, this film will take an inside

Pet Fooled 2

Pet Fooled 2 takes a deeper dive into the pet food industry, solving once and for all what is biologically necessary for dogs and cats.


Piano Lessons” is a feature-length documentary which tells the story of the “unsung hero” German Diez Nieto, pianist and pedagogue whose devotion to teaching has touched and formed generations of

Pieces of Isaac

On April 23, 2006, renowned abstract sculptor, Isaac Witkin died. His once public career had wound down and his major personal relationship had ended the year prior to his death. The day after Isaac’s

Pipes & Sticks on Route 66

Five 'rock stars' of the bagpiping world get their kicks on Route 66 in a 3-week musical tour down the Mother Road.

Scottish pipers Willie McCallum, Stuart Liddell and Angus MacColl and drummer Jim

Pirate Copy

PIRATE COPY : A road movie through the world of film pirateria

Pirate Copy is a 90-minute documentary that tells the story of piracy in the age of digital reproduction of film, from a global

Planet Progress

In a time when communal progression and improvement needs to happen at a great velocity, PLANET PROGRESS brings ideas and resources into focus. PLANET PROGRESS is a documentary web series featuring

Plastic Diamond

The untold story of the global plastic crisis as demonstrated through the microcosm of the island of Bali. Plastic Diamond travels from the gates of American industry and the shady world of recycling

Poetry of Resilience

Poetry of Resilience is a feature-length documentary that explores the question: How strong is the human spirit? Serving as a provocative meditation on the creativity and dynamism of humanity the film

Point of No Return Educational Initiative

The Point of No Return Educational Initiative will bring the documentary, Point of No Return, the inspirational story of the first solar-powered flight around the world, along with inquiry-based

Pony XP

Described as arduous and painful but utterly addictive, endurance riding is the fastest-growing equine sport in America. At its most grueling, horse and rider may travel up to 100 miles in a single

Portrait of Virginia Dwan

An expansive journey into the life of legendary art dealer Virginia Dwan, the United States' first bicoastal gallerist, told through her own words from diaries, letters, and interviews.

Power Trip

When a 100-mile transmission Corridor sparks a $100-million referendum campaign over America’s energy future, Ryan and Mary are caught in the middle. The historically controversial project starts near

Predator House

"I would find a child that nobody loved, that nobody cared for….all they wanted was a hug. If a child likes you, they'll do anything for you. Anything." - Richard, convicted child molester living

PRESENT TIME: journal of a country monastery

PRESENT TIME is a poetic historical portrait of a monastery, representing 15 years and told over five seasons.
Woven into these seasons is an intimate, observed chronicle of the everyday lives of

Pride & Honor

A veteran battling stage 4 cancer leads a historic lawsuit against the Department of Defense to restore pride and honor for themselves and other LGTBQI+ veterans before they die.

Pride of Lions

PRIDE OF LIONS shines a new light on Sierra Leone in hopes that the rest of the world will see the horror imposed on these peaceful people during the 11-year civil war that ended only six years ago


Mariah Bahe is a Navajo Nation teenager and five-time national amateur boxing champion attempting to become the first female Navajo boxer to win an Olympic title. Her heart is set on competing in the

Prison Terminal: Life and Death in a Prison Hospice

Prison Terminal is a feature length documentary following the final months in the life of a prisoner, from his initial terminal diagnosis to his eventual death in an Iowa prison-based hospice program

Pure Unknown

A person who dies without a name is like a story without and ending.

Suburbs of Milan: a half naked body is found near the railways that lead to the Central Station. Nobody knows its identity, there

The Park That Kids Built

Released in 1981, the original film, The Park That Kids Built is a transformative documentary of urban renewal. The film is set in South Los Angeles and depicts how two teachers, their fifth and sixth

The Parkland Doctors

Dallas, Texas.  November 22, 1963.  The thirty-fifth President of the United States is gunned down.  As the world watches in horror, the news fumbles into action desperately trying to make sense of

The Passage

A group of mariners' lives are changed when they find adventure, danger, and belonging on the high seas as they pursue their ultimate dream: navigating the western coast of the United States on an

The Passage

State Trooper Jessie Osborn is called to check out a suspicious sedan on a remote Alaskan Highway. The brief encounter leaves one man dead and turns Jessie’s life into a nightmare. The incident

The Passengers

In Ethiopia, there is a community of over nine thousand Jews. They speak Hebrew, keep kosher and have relatives in Israel, yet Israel continues to deny their appeals for aliyah — the Jewish birthright