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1 IN 7

The United States has a long history of misunderstanding mental health disorders and addiction. Americans have and continue to suffer from a range of psychological issues, and for depression alone

100 Years: One Woman's Fight for Justice

In 1996, Elouise Cobell, a petite Blackfeet Warrior, filed the largest class action lawsuit ever filed against the U.S Government for the mismanagement of billions of dollars held in the Indian Trust

100% Possible: The Battle for America's Energy Future

"100% Possible" is about a science-based, 50-state plan to power America with electricity generated solely by wind, water, and the sun. In the process, this game-changing plan will create millions of

25 to Life

At 18 months, William Brawner contracted HIV through a blood transfusion. The diagnosis thrusts an average middle-class, African American family in the way of an oncoming train of international

51st State

Set amidst the cultural backdrop of our capital city, a bitter fight for voting rights, and a nationwide racial reckoning, 51st State is the story of 23 year-old Jamal Holtz, a 4th generation native

6 Weeks to Mother's Day

Tucked away in the Thai jungle lies a small democratic school called Children’s Village. Children's village teaches freedom of speech and human rights to some of Thailand’s most underprivileged

6/1 v 1/6

“He opened his door, and it changed his life.”
Rahul Dubey flung open his door to the peaceful, mostly black, protesters on June 1 2020 who were being attacked by police on Swann Street in


9-MAN is a story about an isolated and exceptionally athletic Chinese-American sport that's much more than a past time. Since the 1930's, young men have played this gritty, streetball game in the

The 50

The 50 is a documentary about 50 men, who while serving life or long-term prison sentences, had the opportunity to take part in the first-ever Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training program in the