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  • Promotional poster for "The Call": A pop-art style animation shows a closeup of a white woman's hand holding a green telephone receiver to her ear.

    This personal portraiture piece examines weaponized 911 calls in the age of white fragility.

  • a few Black male Baltimore residents sit together in conversation

    During three years of unparalleled violence in Baltimore, Charm City delivers an unexpectedly candid, observational portrait of those left on the frontlines. With grit, fury, and compassion, a group of police, citizens, and government officials grapple with the consequences of violence...

  • group of LGBTQ+ gang members walk down alley at night

    Check It is a feature-length documentary about a gay African-American gang struggling to survive in one Washington D.C.’s most violent neighborhoods.

  • a group of Native Alaskan children sit on top a caught bowhead whale

    Children of the Arctic is a portrait of five Native Alaskan teenagers coming of age in Barrow, Alaska - the northern-most community of the United States. As they embark on their journey into adulthood in and outside of Barrow, they wrestle with their roles as inheritors of a jeopardized culture...

  • A former football star and refugee of Hurricane Katrina shakes up a troubled West Oakland high school with his edgy and unorthodox approach to keeping Black and Latino kids in school.

  • promotional graphic for Citizen Koch; statue with a for sale sign around neck in front of government buidling

    This a story about how Wisconsin - birthplace of the Republican party, government unions and Paul Ryan - becomes a test market in the campaign to buy Democracy, and ground zero in the battle for the future of the GOP. Please make a charitable donation now to help us ensure this film has an...