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As President Trump doubles down on his war against immigrants, both undocumented and documented, a Salvadoran American family faces the threat of deportation and a family separation crisis.

Searching for Kikhia

A daughter explores the disappearance of her father, a former Libyan Foreign Minister and peaceful opposition leader to Qaddafi, and pieces together her mother's 19-year perilous journey through a political labyrinth to find him.



Seeds is a portrait of a 138 year-old African-American centennial farm in Thomasville, Georgia.


“There is a saying, ’God willing,’ but on the island you say ‘Island willing,’ as if the island was an entity...We treat the island as a person.”

Sisterhood: How Women Can Save the World

Sisterhood: How Women Can Save the World (working title) chronicles how diverse, inclusive communities of women from six continents are making positive, paradigm-shifting impacts that are changing

Skin of Glass

Skin of Glass is the story of São Paulo’s largest vertical favela, a 25-story office tower that is a treasure of mid-20th-century architecture and Denise Zmekhol’s late-father’s masterpiece. The film follows Zmekhol’s journey to discover her father’s threatened legacy as an artist, as she confronts the harsh reality of inequality destroying the city he loved.

Space to Breathe

an abolitionist science fiction hybrid documentary. The film is set in a future where there are no prisons or police, looking back at how today's movements built that future.

Standing Above the Clouds

Three Native Hawaiian families dedicate their lives to defending their sacred mountain Mauna Kea from the building of the world’s largest telescope.

Staying Put Or Moving On

The media platform, Staying Put or Moving On, considers these fundamental questions for seniors and their families: Where and how are we going to live as we grow older?

Stolen Sisters

“Stolen Sisters” is a riveting exploration of the MMIWG crisis in Michigan, told through a family’s heart-wrenching search for their missing daughter, highlighting the systemic failures, the moveme

Storm Lake

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Art Cullen and his family fight to be the journalistic voice of their rural Iowan farming community through their biweekly newspaper, The Storm Lake Times.



A gripping investigation of unmarked graves at an Indian residential school unearths secrets below and above ground, igniting a reckoning in the lives of surv

Swinging Fields (working title)


Swinging Fields follows an eleven-year-old boy who was born as a result of a mass wedding in the internationally unrecognized region of Nagorno-Karab

Syria Justice

After more than a decade of brutal mass-killing, torture, siege, detention, and enforced disappearances, Syrian witnesses, investigators, and lawyers are leading the effort to end the Al-Assad regime’s impunity.

The Guardians: Coral Keepers with Shayle Matsuda

Who are the scientists fighting for our planet, how is their research making an impact, and where do they find hope?

The Science of Cures

Four years ago I finished my documentary, Ending Disease, about the first generation of clinical trials using regenerative medicine to create one-time cures for diseases.

The Sewing Girl's Tale

The Sewing Girl’s Tale presents a gripping documentary recounting America’s first published rape trial.

The Sound of Silents

A feature-length documentary that details the story of the unseen heroes of silent films: the musicians and composers, especially prominent women and Black voices, whose innovative use of music and

The Spies Among Us


Before Big Data, there was the Stasi -- East Germany’s secret police that gathered and weaponized the personal information of its citizens to maintain control

Untitled Shakespeare Documentary

A tenacious fashion photographer turned literary sleuth unravels the hidden web of influences behind Shakespeare's genius.