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  • A man is in the shadows standing at the doorway with the US State Capital across the street

    As President Trump doubles down on his war against immigrants, both undocumented and documented, a Salvadoran American family faces the threat of deportation and a family separation crisis. With the termination of Temporary Protected Status an estimated 192,000 U.S. born citizens are at risk of...

  • A Native American woman leaned over a fence

    The Sacred & The Snake follows several Indigenous women and two-spirit activists as they discover their power in the act of collective resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. But as each returns home empowered to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and abuse, they realize their battle has just begun.

  • A middle aged woman looking ahead

    A daughter explores the disappearance of her father, a former Libyan Foreign Minister and peaceful opposition leader to Qaddafi, and pieces together her mother's 19-year perilous journey through a political labyrinth to find him.

  • A black & white image of an elderly man of African-American descent sitting on a porch.


    Seeds is a portrait of a 138 year-old African-American centennial farm in Thomasville, Georgia. Using lyrical black and white imagery this meditative film examines the decline of generational black farmers and the significance of owning land in...

  • College is supposed to be the best years of a young adult’s life, filled with personal exploration, sex, parties and intellectual growth. Yet on many campuses there has been a general attitude of “boys will be boys,” allowing misogyny, bigotry, cyber-harassment and violence to permeate student...

  • 2 people inside a high-rise, standing next to an elevator. The window's glass is shattered.

    Skin of Glass is the story of São Paulo’s largest vertical favela, a 25-story office tower that is a treasure of mid-20th-century architecture and Denise Zmekhol’s late-father’s masterpiece. The film follows Zmekhol’s journey to discover her father’s threatened legacy as an artist, as she confronts the harsh reality of inequality destroying the city he loved.