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The Rise Of The Synths

The natural way of the cultural wave: we generally experience that musical and cultural trends shift from an outstanding position within public opinion to near utter rejection, refusal and ridicule

Razing Liberty Square


Miami is ground zero for sea level rise. So the rich must move inland from the low-lying beaches, but where will they go?

Ring of Fire: The Life of Annie Mae Aquash (working title)

Exploring the unsolved murder of celebrated Indigenous activist Annie Mae Aquash, we uncover a mysterious and complicated web of deception spun over the course of several decades. Annie Mae is one of thousands who make up the staggering number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. By reframing her story, the film hopes to shed light on this current epidemic.

Rintu Thomas

Rintu Thomas is the director and producer of Writing With Fire & Untitled Rintu Thomas Project.

Riotsville, USA


1968: Massive civil unrest, followed by a rare chance for justice. Riotsville, USA is the untold story of what we did instead.

Robert's Battle

22 years ago, Robert was struck by a freight train that took his leg and caused a rift in his family. Now chronically homeless, Robert has bounced from LA's Skid Row, to the courth

Run With It

An animated documentary exploring the crisis in the criminal justice system and US racial divide through the eyes of one family.

The Rashomon Effect

What happened when unarmed Black teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by White police officer Darren Wilson?