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A Place For Us

Against mounting environmental pressures and the fastest-growing human population on earth, Africa’s lions are losing their place on the continent and facing extinction.

Paige Bethmann

Paige is a Haudenosaunee director/producer based in Reno, Nevada.

Papertown, USA

When a paper mill in a small Appalachian town suddenly closes, leaving 1,200 people without jobs and undoing the economic fabric that held the community together for over a century, how will its pe

Philly D.A.

Radical civil rights attorney, Larry Krasner, leads a band of activists who set out to end mass incarceration by taking over the agency at its center: the district attorney’s office. Embedded behind closed doors, the film watches an unprecedented criminal justice experiment unfold to ask: can outsiders reform a system from within?

Power Trip

When a 100-mile transmission Corridor sparks a $100-million referendum campaign over America’s energy future, Ryan and Mary are caught in the middle.


Zimbabwe is at a crossroads. The new leader of the opposition party, MDC, Nelson Chamisa, is challenging the old guard, ZANU-PF, represented by the acting president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Pride & Honor

A veteran battling stage 4 cancer leads a historic lawsuit against the Department of Defense to restore pride and honor for themselves and other LGTBQI+ veterans before they die.


A group of survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests battle for justice and collaborate to create fictional scenes depicting rituals of power in the church.

The Past is Waiting Up Ahead (working title)


Some twenty years after crossing the US-Mexico border as a nine-year-old, Poet Javier Zamora has taken it upon himself to revisit his past and retrace his jou