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  • Javier Zamora stands near the wall built on the USA - Mexico Border as he searches for the place through where he crossed as a child.


    Some twenty years after crossing the US-Mexico border as a nine-year-old, Poet Javier Zamora has taken it upon himself to revisit his past and retrace his journey. exploring how it impacted his life and how it has changed for those who form part of the...

  • A multi-billion dollar American development is poised to engulf a small coastal community in Mexico with a mega hotel/condo complex. But local people are banding together to save their way of life and the delicate ecosystem on which they all depend. What rights do indigenous communities have...

  • Paula Palacios

    Paula Palacios is a Spanish documentary filmmaker primarily interested in producing films about women and refugees. Her films have received massive acclaim in Spain, winning awards at the Malaga Film Festival, Goya, Forqué, and Platino Awards in 2021 for her first film CARTAS MOJADAS (Drowning...

  • Radical civil rights attorney, Larry Krasner, leads a band of activists who set out to end mass incarceration by taking over the agency at its center: the district attorney’s office. Embedded behind closed doors, the film watches an unprecedented criminal justice experiment unfold to ask: can outsiders reform a system from within?

  • A man on his horse, with dogs in a beautiful field during sunset

    As cowboys meet at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, they confront myths, old and new, to try and save the land they love.

  • An Zimbabwe man raising his hands at crowds cheering him

    Zimbabwe is at a crossroads. The new leader of the opposition party, MDC, Nelson Chamisa, is challenging the old guard, ZANU-PF, represented by the acting president Emmerson Mnangagwa.